Sunday, September 27

दिउँसो मान्छेको सेवा, राती कुकुरको । शिशिर भण्डारी राती राती टोलभरी डुल्दै बाटोका कुकुरहरुलाई खाना खुवाउँदै (भिडियो हेर्नुस)..

May 11, 2020 196

KATHMANDU: The Meteorological Forecasting Division has forecast brief rain accompanied with gusty winds, thundershowers, and hail on Monday at some places of the hilly regions and a few places of Terai.

The Division said the day will be cloudy throughout the country.

Likewise, thundershowers accompanied with hailstorm and gusty winds is likely to occur tonight at a few places of the country.

Meteorologist Raju Pradhananga said rain is taking place due to influence of Westerly low pressure system, local winds and the winds carrying water vapor from the Bay of Bengal.

According to him, there is no possibility that these weather systems will go away immediately, which means that there will be rains for the next few days.

The Westerly low pressure system has been developed and it continues to remain active, causing continuous rains this year, according to him.

Meanwhile, on Tuesday, there will be generally cloudy in most parts of the country while thundershowers with winds and hail are possible at some parts.

On Wednesday, there will be generally cloudy in most parts of the country and rains with lightning, winds and hail have been predicted in some parts of the country.

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